Climate Jobs NY Inaugural Gala

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Join with us in celebrating what CJNY and NY have accomplished over the past year and sets the stage for the next phase of our efforts. We salute Governor Cuomo for his extraordinary and nation-leading commitment to the cleaner energy economy of the future. We want to support him and others in the effort to make sure that vision comes to fruition. 

In 2019 and 2020 CJNY enters Phase II of its campaign, securing and building political support among labor leaders and rank-and-file union members for this transformative program to usher in a clean energy future in New York. Only then can we ensure that New York’s offshore wind commitment becomes a reality. 

This effort has value not just for New York, but also as an illustration and a test case for the country about how labor and environmental groups can partner to build a green energy economy that is at the scale needed to address the climate problem, creates fair-wage jobs, and overcomes the political obstacles posed by those vested in the status quo.